April 7th, 2015

Not Sensible

Dealing With Bad But Legal Behavior

I spotted this today in one of the fora in which I'm trying to pay attention:

"The punishment for breaking a taboo while remaining within the letter of the rule should be a response from the community that also remains within the letter of the rule."
For the record, there is no sign of illegal voting in this year's Hugo Awards nominations. By all signs, each person who voted was an individual natural person exercising his or her own voting rights. All ballots were cast within the letter of the rules.

I have repeatedly urged every member of WSFS who has the right to vote to vote for candidates that they think deserve the award, and that includes voting candidates below No Award if they do not consider the candidate deserves the award. Whether or not a candidate deserves the award is a subjective, personal value judgment that each voter must make for him/herself.