April 29th, 2015


Lisa On Her Feet Again

Lisa is able to walk without crutches again. Her ankle still hurts, and the other foot hurts from her having to favor it for several days, but she can walk again. That freed us up to drive to Big R, where she gingerly made her way around to buy a replacement bolt and other hardware, then to the auto-parts store to get some replacement hoses and some gasket sealant so that as the sun went down, she could get the heater core cover back into place. There's still work to be done: the new hoses have to be cut to length and installed, the other parts she had to pull to get at the heater have to be put back, and of course the van needs to have its coolant filled back up.

To our annoyance, we only noticed the Fernley Mayor's Clean-Up Day, including free household hazardous waste drop-off, was last weekend. We could have brought in the used coolant. Now we have to figure out how to safely dispose of it. Maybe the garage down the street will let us dump it with them for a reasonable cost.
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