May 9th, 2015


It Shouldn't Get Any Worse

As some of you may recall, we had a water main break this past month. It's fixed how, and this month's water bill came: 7000 gallons. The previous month was 4000. Given our usage patterns here, we have a hard time believing that we were using 4K gallons, so our theory continues to be that there was a leak all along, and that last month it just got bad enough that we noticed and had it fixed. We'll see next month where the level goes.
Giants Fanatic

Missed a Pitch

Having logged more than 40 hours of work at Day Jobbe by late Thursday night, I was in a position to leave early Friday, at least after I dealt with a few last-minute brush fires supporting one of our European offices at the end of their day. (Which was something of an advantage, coming in at 6 AM Pacific Time.) So I got out of town at 10:30 AM and set off for home via Altamont Pass.

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Despite the time I spent working on the road at Lodi Junction and with Kelli in Sacramento, I still got out of the Sacramento area before the worst of the Friday afternoon traffic formed, and it was a relatively routine drive home. Of course the days are much longer now, but I surprised Lisa by getting home before sunset.