May 23rd, 2015

Conrunner Kevin

Some Simplification, I Hope

The rental car had to be back at 9 AM this morning or else I'd incur another $84 even if I dropped it tomorrow morning, because Enterprise Fremont is closed Sunday and Memorial Day and the "meter" runs until they're open again. They were backed up with people picking up cars, so I dropped the contract and keys, saying I'd be back later (I expected needing them to take me back to the motel). I walked over to Fremont Wheel & Brake, and saw that while the shop was closed, my mechanic was working on my van. I knocked, but he couldn't hear me. I waited a while until he happened to be looking toward the window and he called out, "I'll be with you in a minute!" He did a few more things, opened the door, and said, "I'll be right back; I need to take your van for a spin around the block, and I think I can give it back to you now." Elated, I stood watch over his shop while he did the short test drive.

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Here's hoping everything works now. And once again, if you are in the Fremont CA area and want an excellent general mechanic who will charge you fairly and do excellent work, go talk to Cory at Fremont Wheel & Brake, because I cannot say enough good things about him.
SMOF License

Bonus Saturday at BayCon

Thanks to getting the minivan back this morning, I was actually able to get down to BayCon today. However, because I also needed to get an oil change, by the time I got there, the only panel I really was deeply interested in attending (discussing the current Hugo Controversy) was mostly ending. I spent most of the day behind the Sasquan table, although I did get an opportunity to walk through the Art Show and buy books in the Dealer's Room. I also had my blood pressure riled up mightily by a puppy apologist who has bought completely into the story that the Hugo Awards for the past decade have been dominated by a secret slate of works decreed by Tor Book and voted upon by the large number of Tor employees who have all been funded and ordered to vote by the Sekrit Slate. Still, aside from that one person, who proves that not all Puppies are short-term, never-been-part-of-Worldcon-fandom fans, it was a pretty good day. I want to thank all of the people who have been following my writing here and elsewhere and who have come by to say nice things about the work I've been doing. It's reassuring, really.

There wasn't a lot I wanted to do in evening programming, and I'm too stressed and tired to do the evening parties (and the party floor at BayCon has been pretty dire ever since they moved to the Santa Clara property anyway), so I decided to head back to the hotel in Newark and eat the last of my groceries here for dinner, and maybe turn in early. I won't be going back to BayCon tomorrow, but will instead head home by way of Sacramento and visiting my sister.

One minor worry: while driving into the parking garage in Santa Clara, the Service Engine Soon light briefly flashed on. It hasn't come back on, but I'm still concerned. The van needs to be ready for a long road trip.

When I got back to the hotel, I had a message from Lisa, who went to the Nevada State Railroad Museum for the official roll-out of the restored locomotive Glenbrook. She had a great time and I'm sure I would have enjoyed it. Can't be in two places at once, however.