May 25th, 2015

SMOF License

My Minivan Sucks (and That's Good!)

When we last left the SMOFmobile, Our Hero had coaxed it home to Fernley with a solid Service Engine Soon light, a hard time getting it started, no cruise control, and a heater/AC system that would only blow toward the floor, not the middle vents or windows. (Fortunately it wasn't cold enough to need the latter.) From the symptoms, Lisa said there must be a vacuum leak somewhere. This morning we undertook to fix it. It's very fortunate that this is a holiday, because the work on the van took all day, including multiple test drives and three trips to the auto-parts stores.

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It is such a relief to have the Astro running properly again. It means that we can drive it to Spokane rather than the comfortable-but-expensive RV. Tomorrow, Lisa will engage our Spokane Plan A and start cleaning out the Astro and packing for our departure on Wednesday afternoon.