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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Friday, June 5th, 2015

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Worth Its Salt
Yesterday after breakfast, I took a short break from Day Jobbe and walked down the Prom to the Lewis & Clark Salt Works.

Probably nicer today than back in 1805Collapse )

There are plenty of places to walk here in Seaside, either up and down the Prom, along the beach, or through the streets of the town.

Current Mood: relaxed
Feed the Seals
One reason I'm still getting up fairly early while on "vacation" is so that I can accomplish enough on my Day Jobbe to be able to have the late afternoon to myself. Yesterday, Lisa and I strolled down to the Seaside Aquarium, which we've seen for years on our past visits but never found the the time to visit.

Feeding the Seals at SeasideCollapse )

We would have stayed a bit longer, but my phone beeped to remind me of a late-afternoon conference call about which I'd forgotten. Fortunately, it gave me enough notice that we had time to swing by Zinger's Ice Cream (open Thursday-Sunday only) and walk back to the condo with plenty of time for me to set up for the call, which turned out to have been canceled anyway.

The Aquarium was entertaining, and worth between one and two hours of your time, I think, if you're inclined toward such fishy exhibits. I found the seal-feeding to be fun, too. Try to come on an off-peak day as we did to avoid crowds.

Current Mood: amused
On The Beach
Yesterday evening after dinner, I took a walk on the beach; the first time I've been down there since we got here despite it being just outside our front lawn here.

Seaside SunsetCollapse )

I put in more than 14,500 steps yesterday, which probably explains why I slept so well last night.

Current Mood: relaxed

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