June 8th, 2015

To Trains

Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad

Although we briefly popped in at Sea-Pac on Sunday morning to collect the things we'd left on hold with one of the vendors, we pretty much blew off the final day of the conference in order to go ride an excursion train.

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As we approached Garibaldi, we passed a lumber mill, and I saw a deer run between the stacks of logs, but I wasn't able to get a shot off in time.

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I took more photos (and one short video) than what I've shown here. See my Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad album on Flickr for the full set.

We're really glad we got to make this trip. Every year we've been at Seaside when the excursion trains have been running, we've told ourselves we should make the time to ride them. This time we actually made it. We have to keep reminding ourselves that there might not be a next time, or even if there is, the train may not be there.

The excursion train's route follows that of US-101 between the two towns, so you'll see similar scenery driving; however, it's more fun from the train. There are other excursions offered less often, including runs up onto other trackage the railroad operates. Whether or not we'll ever get out here for one of those rare-mileage trips is hard to say, though.
Conrunner Kevin

The Long Walk

When we got back to Seaside, we were pretty hungry, and went back to Sam's Seaside Cafe for more fishburgers. From there, we got ambitious and decided to walk the length of the Seaside Promenade.

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It's been a good trip overall. Monday is the bonus day (rent six nights, get the seventh free), and I have to work at Day Jobbe, plus we need to start packing for an early departure on Tuesday.
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