June 24th, 2015


Farewell Lake Imerys

Just down the street from my house is the Celite plant, owned by Imerys Minerals. (Celite is a brand name for absorbent materials made from diatomaceous earth, like kitty litter.) Because of the lay of the land here, there is a large depression across the street from the plant, and because Fernley is built on an ancient lake bed, standing water doesn't drain away very well, but instead sits in depressions until it evaporates.

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With temperatures in Fernley forecast to go up to 40°C this week, I expect that "Lake Imerys" will be gone for the summer by the time I get home this weekend.
Gavel of WSFS

Procedural Notice: Recording Committee of the Whole

I have mentioned a few times and in a few places that at this year's Business Meeting, what I call the "technical" discussion of complex proposals such as E Pluribus Hugo (and possibly Popular Ratification) might best be handled by having the meeting go into what is known as "Committee of the Whole." A proponent of the proposal would then hold the floor during the COTW and do a Q&A-style discussion. Such discussions are procedurally more difficult to do in the main debate because of the rules regarding who can speak and how often; however, the two proposals I've named (and possibly others to come) are sufficiently complex that I expect that many members simply want to ask the sponsors of the motions what the proposals mean.

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The Business Meeting Videographer is aware of the prospect of having to record a Committee of the Whole as a separate recording and is technically prepared for doing so. Whether we actually need to do so depends upon how the members who turn up vote to handle the more complex proposals.