July 7th, 2015


Home, Via Bodie

We are home, having driven from Bishop to Fernley via Mammoth Lakes and with a side trip to the Bodie State Historical Park. I'll have photos about that later.

Good news about the hat: I left it in the cafe over breakfast yesterday morning. I called and talked to them, and they have the hat and say that they'll mail it back to me. I'll call tomorrow to confirm this.

We got home about 6:30, and Lisa got the van unloaded while I ran over in the RV to get some groceries for tonight and tomorrow. I'm otherwise too tired to think about anything.
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Computer Down and Out

Although the computer came up one more time as I wrote last night, and while I got as much of my settings off of it as I could, it was the last straw. The next reboot wouldn't boot, and my attempts at fixing it totally hosed it. It won't even boot into the recovery partition now. It's utterly hosed, and thanks to the encryption software, it's effectively bricked as a hard drive. We'll have to reimage it and start over next week. I hope I can manage with my personal machine for the next few days and that I haven't managed to lose anything irreplaceable.