July 15th, 2015

Kevin 1994

Generations Passing

As part of a conversation with David W. Clark at BASFA on Monday night, we worked out that I am now about the same age as Bruce Pelz was when I first turned up at Worldcon in 1984. (The photo in the icon is from ten years after that. I have no photos of me at the 1984 Worldcon that I know of, which is a pity.) I continue to be very happy that there is a generation of conrunners behind me that include some people interested in keeping the official business parts of WSFS running. I only must apologize for having to throw Jesi Pershing and jared_dashoff in at the deep end of the pool with this year's Business Meeting. OTOH, the first time I sat on the head table, I was apparently about one minute away from being Last Fan Standing as a disgruntled group of BM attendees were on the point of moving to unseat the entire head table staff except me. (I'm glad it didn't happen, but what I would have tried to do had it happened was to try to act as Chair and immediately call for the meeting to elect new officers.)