July 17th, 2015

Gavel of WSFS

Not Everything Takes Two Years in WSFS

An conversational exchange I had recently showed that some people think that everything related to the WSFS Business Meeting requires two consecutive years' votes to take effect. This is not true.

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Changing the WSFS Constitution requires the vote of two consecutive years' WSFS Business Meetings. The second year's meeting may change what the first meeting passed, as long as the changes do not increase the scope of the amendment. (Deciding what represents an increase in scope is not always obvious.) The WSFS Constitution includes the definition of the Hugo Award categories and the process for administering them, the mechanism for choosing future Worldcon sites, and a bunch of other, smaller things that I need not go into here.

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I suggested to the 2017 bidders that they may want to jointly propose a resolution to this year's Business Meeting giving themselves a bit more "headroom" to raise their Supporting Membership cost, possibly as high as $60. So far, I've not heard back from anyone, so I guess they're content to stick to not more than $50, which is what MidAmericon II is charging.

ActiveWorlds and Lisa

I've mentioned before that while Lisa doesn't use e-mail and has a very limited online presence, she does actively participate in ActiveWorlds, where she is user Kuma Bear. She only recently found this effusive article about her building in AW last night. Lisa really enjoys building in AW. I think she's a frustrated architect, and this environment indulges her creativity in building things. In particular, there are certain restrictions in the "AlphaWorld" environment that she has been working diligently to get around, allowing her to build things in AlphaWorld that most people wouldn't think possible.

Lisa invites anyone who is interested to join ActiveWorlds (free membership) and come look at her buildings. Lately she's been working to zombie-proof a new town. More details later.