July 21st, 2015

Business Meeting

Editing the Business Meeting Video

At billroper's suggestion, I bought a copy of The WonderShare video editor. It's relatively inexpensive and has some, but not all, of the features I would like to have. For example, while it has the timeline (MovieMaker got rid of it to "simplify" the program), it doesn't allow you to tell a clip to fade out either in video or audio. The titling is also terrible IMO. It's flashy, but there's on way to tell it to center the titles or otherwise align them. Everything is by eyeball. I expect it was written by someone who never does anything with a keyboard, only with a mouse. However, it does read MXF files without garbling or degrading them, as long as you change the video file extensions to MPG and the audio files to MP3.

The Business Meeting Orientation video for which we shot video at Westercon is nearly done. All that needs doing is to record the narration for a section for which we shot video but no audio. Once that's done, I'll upload the video to YouTube and let people have a look.

My current plan is to have us show this video at 10 AM at the start of the Preliminary and First Main Business Meetings. We've typically let people have about ten minutes to wander in late anyway, so if we start the video at 10 sharp, we should be ready to start the meeting itself by 10:10. We have a lot of agenda and Programming really wants us to stay within the lines they've drawn for us (finish by 12:45 PM on Thursday-Saturday and 5:30 PM Sunday), so I'm feeling the time pressure. However, I also am thinking we're going to have a lot more first-time attendees this year, so I hope that eight minutes of basic instruction on the forms we follow (getting recognized, how voting works, the most common motions) will help them.