July 28th, 2015

Gavel of WSFS

Are You Going to the WSFS Business Meeting?

The 2015 Worldcon Business Meeting page has been updated to include the location (Convention Center Room 300B) and time (Th/Fr/Sa/Su 10 AM, doors open 9 AM), and also now includes a simple one question survey for voting (attending/military/YA) members asking whether you plan on going to the meetings this year. If you are going, you can help us out by checking off Yes on that survey.

Remember that while every member may attend, seating may be limited. For the Thursday/Friday meetings, we have about 300 seats, plus a large standing-room area behind it. (Room 300A, where dances happen at other times during the con.) That area gets seats on Saturday and Sunday, but at the first two meetings, if you can't find a seat, you'll have to stand. Yes, that complicates any "serpentine" votes. If we need a counted vote, I expect that we'll have to do a physical "division" of the house, which we've never done before. But this is a year for unprecedented things.