July 29th, 2015

Gavel of WSFS

WSFS Deadlines Looming

While the most pressing deadline for Worldcon is the Hugo Voting deadline (23:59 PDT July 31, 2015), there's another WSFS deadline just over a week away: The deadline for submitting new business to the WSFS Business Meeting. That's two weeks before Worldcon starts. The deadline is 23:59 PDT August 6, 2015. See the Sasquan WSFS Business Meeting page for submission information. If you need help composing your proposal, write to the address on that page and we'll help you form your proposal in the proper technical form.

There are two other ways to get things on the agenda if you miss the deadline:
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Given the new business already submitted and the constitutional amendments passed on to this year for ratification, I expect that either of the two ways of getting around the deadline are going to be hard sells. You're better off simply working within the rules.

Gavel of WSFS
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