August 10th, 2015


Lady Luck Smiles on Lisa

Lisa and I needed to do some "city" shopping for this week, but we held off until Hot August Nights ended (yesterday) and instead went in this evening. The "weekday" pricing for the Atlantis buffet begins Sunday night, and as it happens we got there about 45 minutes early before they opened. So Lisa decided to play a few slot machines. It was a good afternoon and she was getting several small wins, after which she would quit and give me the surplus, keeping the original $20 she had put into the machine. She then decided to go play the Walking Dead machine, even though she'd lost $40 on it the last time we were there. Not too many pulls into the game, it hit the bonus round, and the free-spins feature paid off quite well for fifty-cent bet: $125!

We of course quit at that point (it was time to eat anyway), and while Lisa tried to have me keep all of the surplus, I insisted that she take $60 (counteracting the loss from two weeks ago). The rest I kept, which paid for dinner (plus tip), for me to mark a keno ticket, and even have a little extra after that.

Dinner, of course, left us sufficiently full that we did not indulge in impulsive purchases at the grocery store. In fact, we were so full that we forgot several things we intended to get until I was already putting the stuff on the belt to be rung up, and Lisa had to run back and get them, which she managed.

Now it's a case of marking time and packing boxes for the Spokane trip.