August 11th, 2015

Gavel of WSFS

WSFS Committee Reports Online

We typically have a very large pile of paper at the Business Meeting (maybe something like 50 or 60 pages worth), much of which consists of reports from various committees of WSFS or the Business Meeting. As we get people used to the idea that everything has to be turned in two weeks in advance, this has given us the opportunity to publish the Committee Reports in advance on the Sasquan web site. (And thank you very much, lindadee, for your work in doing so.) So now, if you want to read the entire WSFS Mark Protection Committee report or the YA Hugo Committee report, now you have time to do so before the meeting instead of having to try and speed-read thousands of words of reports in just a few minutes.

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So go forth and read the reports. Now I have to just hope that this bronchitis I picked up will have passed sufficiently for me to actually preside over the meeting. I do not want to follow the bad example of the late Ross Pavlac, who was very sick during Chicon V and did a very poor job of presiding over the 1991 WSFS Business Meeting, doped up on cold medicines as he was.