August 14th, 2015

Business Meeting

WSFS Business: Friday Preview

The agenda for the Friday/Saturday/Sunday WSFS Business Meetings depend on how the Thursday Preliminary Business Meeting behaves.

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My time projections say that we will not be able to complete all of the New Business (unless some of the items are PI'd by the Preliminary Meeting). We'll do as many of them as we can, aiming to adjourn no later than 12:45. Any unfinished items roll over to the Saturday Site Selection Meeting.
Gavel of WSFS

WSFS Business: Saturday Preview

By the time we get to the Saturday Site Selection Business Meeting, the amount of remaining business should have thinned out, but it won't be completely gone, I think. If the Preliminary Meeting does not kill the 4/6 and EPH proposals, they'll end up at the Sunday Business Meeting — the first time since 1992 that WSFS has held a Business Meeting on the final day of the convention.

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We would like to adjourn Saturday's meeting by Noon in order to do the Worldcon Chairs Photo Shoot, which involves having to rearrange the stage and chairs and then put them back together again by 12:45. If we get to Noon without exhausting the New Business, we'll punt them off to Sunday's meeting.
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WSFS Business: Sunday Preview

The last time that WSFS held a final-day Business Meeting was 1992, and that was only because at the time NASFIC elections were "snap" and had to be held the same year as the Worldcon election that caused a NASFiC to be necessary. In 1992, Glasgow won the 1995 Worldcon (we selected sites three years in advance back then) and a one-day NASFIC election was held (I administered it; it was pretty wild) in which Atlanta won a bid to host NASFIC as part of the 1995 Dragon*Con. This year, we have deliberately scheduled a meeting on the last day of the convention (Sunday) because at least two items of proposed new business are heavily dependent upon knowing the results of this year's Hugo Awards before members can make an informed decision.

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It's going to be a very busy five days.
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Short Hop to Start the Trip

This afternoon, we finished loading up the minvan and set off on our Worldcon trip.

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Thanks to planning ourselves so that we're on the move and packed tonight, we expect to be able to get off the mark fairly sharply tomorrow and head north into Oregon and Idaho.

Bad news ahead of us, though: forest fires in Oregon have not only intermittently closed I-84 between Ontario OR and Pendleton OR (our original route), but have also closed the Sumpter Valley Railroad in Baker City, which we'd planned to ride on Sunday. After reviewing our options, we decided to cancel our reservations in Ontario and Pendleton and instead drive tomorrow to Nampa ID and on Sunday to Lewiston ID. There are fires in Idaho as well, but currently the route between Nampa and Lewiston is open.