August 16th, 2015

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Scenic Route to Lewiston

We got away from Nampa two hours earlier than planned this morning, so Lisa suggested we take the scenic byway up ID-55. This ended up taking a long time, but it was well worth it. We got lovely scenery and some bonus trains, although unfortunately we weren't able to ride any of them, just take pictures.

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Despite the scenic detours and multiple photo stops, we got to the hotel only about 45 minutes later than we originally projected. We certainly didn't want to go anywhere else, though. We ordered pizza and relaxed. Although we originally planned on heading west on US-12 to US-195, Lisa would rather we head up US-95 to Moscow and Coeur D'Alene, then west to Spokane. We should be there sometime tomorrow afternoon.

It was a really nice day of sightseeing, marred only by the smoke of the many fires in the area. As the child of a US Forest Service officer, my heart goes out to the many hardworking people toiling to put out these fires, and I wish them the best of fortune in their fight.

On to Worldcon!