August 20th, 2015

Gavel of WSFS

WSFS Business: Preliminary Meeting Summary

We used the entire 2h45m we had allocated for the Business Meeting. Amazingly, the tech came together. Videos are being posted to the Worldcon Events YouTube Channel as fast as bandwidth allows. The last two segments of today will get uploaded after we get some lunch. As I expected, we did not get to everything on the agenda; however, we did get to everything that we were required to do at the Preliminary Meeting. Here's an after-action summary. You'll need to refer to the Sasquan WSFS Business Meeting agenda pages to follow this.

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I'll be very surprised if we get through the entire agenda tomorrow, which pushes more stuff into Saturday and maybe Sunday as well.

Worldcon Day 2: All Passing in a Blur

We were up at 6 AM today, ordered room service (thanks to the keep-Kevin's-blood-sugar-stable donations!), and got down to the Business Meeting room around 8:45 AM. Lisa, working with Sasquan's tech team, were able to get the recording platform (which is actually the head table of room 300A) sufficiently tightened down to where she could actually record from it. Scott and Chris worked on the Business Meeting videos, and we actually had enough bandwidth to get the first three segments uploaded before the meeting ended.

Everyone on the Business Meeting team, from the head table to the Sergeants-at-Arms to the Video Team, did a great job. I do not see how things could have done any better than they did.

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There were so many things I wanted to get done today that I did not get done. I've taken photos that I don't have time to post. But I must get some sleep now, as we have to be up again in only six hours to start over. Fortunately, we only have a Business Meeting tomorrow and not a game show, although I think I'm part of Montreal's ballot-counting team tomorrow night.

Membership figures as of late tonight: 4,394 warm bodies (individual people attending) and 11,149 total memberships (including supporting). That makes Sasquan officially the largest Worldcon (in terms of total memberships, not attendees) of all time, breaking the record from last year that Loncon 3 set of 10,800.