August 21st, 2015

Gavel of WSFS

WSFS Business: First Main Meeting Summary

The First Main Business Meeting had to pick up where the Preliminary Meeting left off, which meant dealing with the Resolutions first, and that, along with a discussion of the two Hugo-nominating-related proposals, meant that we only just barely got started on the actual constitutional amendments. Once again, you'll need to refer to the Sasquan WSFS Business Meeting agenda pages to follow this.

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All other constitutional amendments (three pending from last year and seven remaining new items; Two-Year Eligibility was killed at the Preliminary Meeting) roll over to the Site Selection Business Meeting, except for 4/6 and EPH, which are scheduled for Sunday.

Anything we don't get to on Saturday goes on to Sunday. Anything that is still pending as of adjournment on Sunday dies. We do have a lot more time on Sunday, but I don't think the members really want to stay in session until 5 PM!

I am of course disappointed that Popular Ratification, which Warren Buff and I co-wrote, failed of ratification, but I'm not surprised. The Hugo controversy this year has given a lot of people the vapors about allowing anyone except the people physically present a chance to vote, and others are unhappy that it takes two years to amend the constitution now, let alone the three it would take under Popular Ratification. Oh, well, I tried. Don't expect me to try again anytime soon, though.

Worldcon Day 3: From the Business Meeting to Site Selection

It was an ego-flattering day for me at Sasquan, as the WSFS Business Meeting went very smoothly (although long, as I reported earlier) and people were coming up to me all day telling me how well they thought I was handling things. I also have no complaints with jared_dashoff's handling of the parts where he had to preside, including the Committee of the Whole. The main reason we're running so long is that we have about twice the usual attendance, and most of the new attendees have not attended before, and everyone wants to talk. I admit that my requiring people to come to the front of the room to speak slows things down, but it does make it a lot easier for everyone else to hear what's being said, and it means the recordings are clear.

After the meeting, the head table had a second "What Just Happened" panel, and when that ended, I met up with Lisa and with scott_sanford, who had just finished uploading the last of the Friday Business Meeting videos to the YouTube Worldcon Events channel. We stored our gear in the minivan and met up with lindadee, then walked the short distance to Luigi's a block away.

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After lunch, I got the good camera and used the back side of the Match Game SF sign as a backdrop for photographing the 2015 Hugo Award trophy on display in the exhibits area. (The photo is now online on The Hugo Awards web site.) By having me take the photo, there is no question about us having the right to use the photo and make it available for public use.

I took the computer over to the INB Theatre and confirmed that I can get online (not with as much bandwidth as I would like, but I can get it) to do the Saturday night Hugo Ceremony.

By the time that was all done, and with the amount of time it takes to get up and down the elevators at the Doubletree Hotel, it was time to meet up with the rest of the bidders (I'm part of the Montreal in 2017 crew) for the close of Site Selection and to repair to the Davenport Grand Hotel for the 2017 Site Selection ballot count.

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Once again I have many more photos than I can post because I can't take the time to process them and publish them. I have to get a few hours of sleep, after all.