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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Friday, September 11th, 2015

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Connie Willis on the 2015 Hugo Awards
Colorado Public Radio has a long story about the 2015 Hugo Awards including a Connie Willis interview that I enjoyed. Connie is good as she usually is. I had something to do with this story: Kareem Maddox, the author, interviewed me a few days ago in my official capacity as a member of the Hugo Awards Marketing Committee to discuss the details of how the Hugo Awards process works. I'm pleased to see that as far as I can tell, they got all of the procedural details right, which is not easy considering how often people get them wrong.

Current Mood: pleased
Why Administrators Aren't Activists
I'm going to promote a comment in an unrelated entry to a top post and respond to it here.

The questionCollapse )

There are two cases that come immediately to mind. (ETA: Plus a third pointed out to me after I originally posted this.)

1989: Why A Brief History of Time wasn't on the BallotCollapse )

1993: Relocating Works Between CategoriesCollapse )

ETA: 2013/14 and The Lady Astronaut of MarsCollapse )

Current Mood: thoughtful

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