October 9th, 2015


Merging Hyatts Ahead

As I mentioned a few days ago, our drive to Fort Worth for SMOFCon takes us through Albuquerque, where we intend to stay for two nights so that I can work remotely and thus not spend a vacation day. Originally we booked the Holiday Inn Express on Yale Blvd. where we have stayed before; however, while getting my Hyatt account cleaned up and a pair of accounts merged, I found that I had enough points for two nights in a tier 1 Hyatt. That includes the Hyatt Place Albuquerque Airport. Lisa said she'd rather stay there than the downtown Hyatt (and looking at the amenities list, I agree; the Hyatt Place is more like a Holiday Inn Express, and that's a good thing). So I redeemed the points (which Hyatt was warning me were on the verge of expiring anyway; it has been many years since I last stayed in a Hyatt hotel) and canceled the Holiday Inn Express reservation.

Using those points, which otherwise would have expired in a few months, saves us $225 in hotel costs on the trip. The nights in Las Vegas and in Williams AZ are also on IHG points. (ETA in light of a comment below: the two nights at the Palazzo are on "nights at any hotel in the IHG group" rather than points, which makes them attractive. I would have used at least one of the two free nights I had banked on this trip because one of them expires at the end of the year.) I'm tempted to use the points on some other nights on this trip as well, but I usually try to save up the IHG points for use with the more-expensive hotels, such as how we used points for staying in the IHG Intercontinental Westminster for two nights last year. The only reason I'm using the points at Williams is because the room rate at the Holiday Inn Express is over $200, which makes no sense to me, but that's how it goes.