October 14th, 2015

SMOF License

Vehicle Logistics

Because I would like my mechanic in Fremont to do some more work on the Astro before we head to SMOFcon at the end of November, and based on my other trips, and in order to avoid having to spend a week in a hotel down here in the Bay Area, Lisa will drive to the Bay Area on Saturday and meet me here. We'll drop my van as the mechanic's shop, where he will have at least two weeks to work on it at his leisure. Lisa and I will then drive home in the Rolling Stone. When I come back down, we'll reverse the process and she'll drive the Astro home after I retrieve and pay for the minivan work. (Nothing serious, but it's stuff he didn't have time to do the last time he had it.) It means I won't have the Astro at home for a couple of weeks, but we do have three other working vehicles we can use, even if the minivan is the most comfortable for running errands.