November 7th, 2015

Rolling Stone

Minivan Secured

This morning I was up before dawn getting ready to hit the road. I had a full night's sleep, but Lisa had slept badly. While I hauled the last of my things out to the Rolling Stone, she cleaned frost from the windows, as it was well below freezing last night in Fernley. One nice thing about being up that early was being able to see the crescent moon in the sky with Venus/Mars/Jupiter.

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I expect that Lisa will get home safely enough to night and will batten down the hatches for the storm expected to hit the Bay Area around midnight tonight and the Sierra Nevada a few hours later. I'm here in the Bay Area a day early, but I'll go into the office tomorrow. With luck, I'll get far enough ahead on projects due this week that I won't have any pressure on me on Friday when I have a long medical appointment that will take me offline from Noon.