November 30th, 2015

SMOF License

The Road to SMOFCon, Day 4: Albuquerque Interlude

I spent most of today working on Day Jobbery, including declining an invitation to a conference call tomorrow morning from someone who should have well known by now that I am on vacation from tomorrow through a week from Friday, but so it goes. Lisa went and visited with her friend Nan (they go back to Lisa's Los Alamos days), and then early this evening we met Nan and her friend Groot for dinner at the Flying Star Cafe & Bakery. Lisa doesn't know if or when we'll ever be back in Albuquerque, so she treasures being able to visit her old friends here.

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After following Bridge and then Central back down to the city, with a brief diversion to have a quick look at the train station, we returned to the hotel, where we took pictures of a safety hazard that Lisa had reported to the management during the day.

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The next two days' trips are relatively short, because we're actually a bit ahead of where we need to be and are driving to Fort Worth, but that's just as well, I think.