December 1st, 2015

SMOF License

The Road to SMOFCon, Day 5: Albuquerque to Clovis NM

Today's journey was relatively short: Google Maps put it at 229 miles. Compared to Days 2 and 3, that's no big deal, and while we ended up spending about eight hours on the road, that included time to actually stop and look at things.

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Both Lisa and I work up pretty early: 5 AM. Having been underwhelmed by the included breakfast at the Hyatt Place, we decided to skip it, and once I was showered and shaved, we packed out of the room, checked out, and had breakfast at the nearby Waffle House instead before leaving Albuquerque about 8 AM.

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When we got to Fort Sumner, we were massively ahead of schedule, having left two hours earlier than originally planned, and I was actually concerned about arriving so early that we wouldn't be able to check in at Clovis, so having a stop to see the Billy the Kid Museum seemed like a good thing to us.

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Kuma Bear had his own adventure in the museum, about which you'll have to go read his journal to find out about him going to jail.

I resumed the driving for the final portion of today's trip.

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Within three minutes of our originally-planned arrival (thanks to deliberately dawdling and touristing along the way and also stopping for some groceries), we pulled in to the Holiday Inn Express, where we checked in and laid up for the rest of the afternoon. Later, we ordered up a pizza for delivery, not wanting to go out any more today.

Tomorrow is another relatively short trip. We could surely go to Fort Worth tomorrow if we had wanted, but there seemed no point. Had I been able to get three free nights instead of two at Albuquerque, it might have been worth it for me to work from there for a second day and save another vacation day, but Lisa didn't like the hotel at all and would have been unhappy about it, and besides, we're unlikely to ever come through this way again, so we might as well take the time to look at points of interest while we are here.