December 4th, 2015


SMOFCon 33, Day 1

Friday at SMOFCon led off with Lisa being half (along with Tammy Coxen) of a workshop about public speaking and convention bidding, with an emphasis on how to present yourself before an audience, particularly when the event is being recorded and the recording posted online. I was Tech Support for the event, showing videos and slides as needed. This was a long workshop, originally scheduled for two hours but actually taking more than three. Lisa and I consequently went out for a late lunch afterwards (about which more shortly). The workshop went very well, I thought. I was glad that I was able to help, and Lisa seemed very happy to talk to people about things like microphone technique. People still don't and won't use microphones correctly, though.

At 4 PM, I went to the panel about administering the Hugo Awards.

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The social and mixer event was more of a cocktail hour followed by an attempt to get people mixing with a game involving teams taking bits of oddball items and a Dallas/Fort Worth-area landmark, building an "alien artifact" with the stuff, and presenting a story about it. As usual with such things, these went better or worse, but people were of good spirits about it.

Following the mixer, Dave Cantor and I helped show people who plan to participate in the Probability & Statistics Seminar on Saturday night how Texas Hold-Em poker works. So far 22 people have signed up out of a possible 40. We'll see how many turn up at Tournament Time tomorrow after the Fannish Inquisition.

I also found out that Saturday morning at 11 AM I am on a panel about membership badge design. Oh, the irony. I found this out after what I wrote yesterday criticizing SMOFCon 33's badges. OTOH, this is scheduled against a panel called "What Made Sasquan Different?" and I rather expect that everyone is going to go there instead. We'll see if anyone wants to talk about membership badges in the morning.