December 15th, 2015


Expect the Fannish Inquisition

While I was in Las Vegas, I took advantage of the superb upload speed (nearly 100 mbps) of the wired internet connection at the Palazzo and uploaded the video from the "Fannish Inquisition" that Lisa shot at SMOFCon. While the uploads were fast, the processing time was not.

Collapse )

I created a 2015 SMOFCon Fannish Inquisition Playlist that will allow you to watch all of the Inquisition presentations or any of them that you choose. Note that this is all on a creative-commons license, so you are welcome to link to this and redistribute the videos as long as you give proper credit, particularly including Lisa Hayes as the videographer.

Lisa points out that none of the people who appeared in the Fannish Inquisition presentations this year attended the workshop on giving presentations with an eye toward YouTube and other social media, and it shows.