December 25th, 2015

Snow Day

Slightly White Christmas

We spent Christmas day quietly at home today, although Lisa was much busier than I was because she cooked us a big dinner. It was the same meal as we had for Thanksgiving: roast duck with a honey glaze, sauteed mushrooms, stuffing, and corn. We haven't yet grown tired of this.

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It was a very good dinner. After washing up and putting away the small amount of leftovers, we kitted up to go out for a walk in the cold, which was probably good for us. We waved to Amtrak #6, running about 20 minutes late, and only the second train I'd seen today as Union Pacific attempted to keep all but the highest priority trains tied down to give crews time with their families. When we got home, I tested my blood sugar, which was low enough that I could have a couple of slices of the nice pumpkin pie that Lisa made.

We opened our Christmas presents. I got Lisa volume 2 of the collected Get Smart, as she'd picked up volumes 1, 3, and 4 during our Texas trip. I got a box of spicy sausages and canned cashews, and also a tube of willow-bark ointment for sore muscles. travelswithkuma got a cowbell. Well, not actually a cowbell. It was labeled as a "Swiss bell" and is more Kuma-sized. Lisa says he can ring it when it wants fishes.

Some people undertake big holiday travel. I've done that myself at times. But our big travel came at the beginning of December, not the end of it, and we're content to stay home, warm and dry in our comfortable house.