December 30th, 2015

Snow Day

Watch Your Step

We had 2-3 cm of snow in Fernley on Monday, with occasional light dustings on the next two days. On Monday we pretty much hunkered down and stayed home. I periodically swept snow from the walk before it could freeze into ice, which was good exercise, and I kept the wood stove well-fired while I worked on my Day Jobbe at my computer in the living room. Fernley really doesn't get that much snow, and we are pikers compared to the people getting meters and meters of the stuff.

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After the snow stopped falling, Lisa and I decided to try and walk to the post office. Although Main Street (which is also a Nevada state highway) had been plowed, the sidewalks were still covered with snow. In a icy driveway, Lisa started to slip but recovered her balance. I reached to help her, lost my own balance, and went down hard on my right arm and hip.

I did not immediately get up, but because I didn't want Lisa to panic, I called out, "I'm okay! Nothing broken! Just give me a minute." I carefully took inventory and tried to work out how to get back to my feet without simply spinning out again. Eventually I was able to roll over and get some traction on the street gutter where there was some sand from the passing snowplow, and with Lisa's help I got moving again. We took things more carefully the rest of the walk. None of our shoes have deep tread.

After we got home, I took further stock of my bruises, and applied some of the willow-bark ointment Lisa had bought me for Christmas. It wasn't as bad as I feared, but I have been somewhat stiff and sore since then, although it's getting better. I'm very glad we have a massage attachment on the shower. For the first time since we put in the hot water heater, I came close to running it out of hot water as I let it soak some of the stiffness away.

The weather forecast through the weekend is generally clear, which is good because it has been too long since I put in an appearance at the office in the Bay Area, and I'm scheduled to work down there for the next two weeks. I'm looking forward to clear skies and dry pavement on Sunday.