March 31st, 2016

Hugo Trophy

Talked Me Into It

I am quite obviously eligible for the Best Fan Writer Hugo Award for the stuff I write on this LJ plus a whole lot of writing elsewhere, possibly most notably on Mike Glyer's File 770 news site. But as people were talking me up for a Hugo Award nomination, I was uneasy, given that I'm Chairman of the WSFS Mark Protection Committee and possibly the most visible member of the Hugo Awards Marketing Committee. While I'm not required to recuse myself from consideration, I thought it possible that it would be unseemly and that I'd be considered using undue influence. But Cheryl Morgan wrote yesterday about this subject, and I found her argument persuasive. So if you should in fact think that my writing is award-worthy, don't think that you're throwing your vote away to mention me.

Not that I really expect to make the shortlist, but I figured that before nominations close (23:59 PDT tonight), I should clarify the situation. And for those of you who have written to tell me that you've nominated me, my thanks. And no, I won't describe myself as a "Hugo Award Nominee."
Not Sensible

You Think Worldcon Hotel Rooms Are Expensive?

I just got some of my delegate information for the Lyon County Democratic Convention, which will be this Saturday in Silver Springs (not Yerrington as I'd originally thought). It included information for people who might be interested in serving as one of Nevada's 43 delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia later this year. Anyone who wants to be a delegate has to agree to travel at their own expense to the convention; the party doesn't pay for it. The Nevada delegation will be staying at the Embassy Suites City Center. The hotel rooms will cost $500 per night. Again, I stress that the party doesn't pay any costs. The individual delegates are responsible for their own travel expenses, including transport to and from the city, hotel, and meals. These costs come out of the individual delegates' pockets just as much as the cost of attending a Worldcon comes out of the individual members' pockets. Think of this the next time you want to complain about the cost of a hotel room at a Worldcon.

In any event, I haven't applied, and inasmuch as the Nevada state convention will be in Las Vegas, I do not anticipate standing for election as one of Lyon County's delegates to the state convention. Had the state convention been planned to be held in the Reno-Carson City area, I might have considered it, but it's perfectly understandable that they'll hold the convention closer to where most of the people attending actually live.