April 16th, 2016

Conrunner Kevin

Slow Weekend

I had not expected to be in the Bay Area this weekend until my work schedule changed, but I made the most of it. After "sleeping in" almost until 7 AM, I went to Fremont and, after getting breakfast, went to my "regular" barber there. I considered walking over to Quarry Lakes Park, but only walked as far as the apartment where I used to live, where I picked up a pound of coffee beans from Suju's Coffee, across the street from my old apartment, and after lingering over coffee and a scone there, walked back to the Rolling Stone, stopping to play pinball at the pizza place a couple of blocks from the old apartment. I had a couple of other small errands to do, but otherwise I tried taking today as easy as possible, because the weeks down here are very stressful for me.
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