April 24th, 2016


A Trip to the Junkyard

This morning, Lisa and I went into Reno to tackle grocery shopping and a visit to the Pick-N-Pull to look for parts to repair the jammed rear door of the Astro. But first, we went to the Peppermill for their Sunday brunch. This turned out to be better (in our opinion) than the Atlantis, and our "locals" discount applied to both of us and was a better deal to boot. So for now we've confirmed that we've transferred our buffet allegiance to the Peppermill. Lisa told the manager of the buffet that she though the Atlantis remodel had not been for the best, which of course pleased the Peppermill manager.

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After a brief stop at the Petro Truck Stop down the street to get cleaned up from our junkyard foray, we proceeded to undertake our grocery shopping, then headed home. Lisa, who had done the hard work (I just held tools and carried things), was tired out and turned in early when we got home, but she assures me that she feels very good about tackling the door on the Astro very soon.