June 4th, 2016


Hot in Nevada; Hotter Elsewhere

It's not pleasant here today in the Reno/Sparks/Fernley area, but it could be much worse. We could be in Las Vegas. Or worse, Phoenix. 45°C! It makes the weather here in Northern Nevada (ten degrees cooler) seem positively Arctic by comparison. Nevertheless, we're going to stay indoors near the swamp cooler (which works well in the dry air) now tht we're back from Reno.

Fortunately, my minivan's air conditioning is working well as we went to Reno this morning to do some grocery shopping and deal with maintenance issues on the Astro, preparatory to the Westercon trip coming up at the end of the month. Lisa also did some mechanical repairs last night, fixing the spring on the hood so it will actually open and improvising a metal L-bracket to make the front grille stop rattling until we have time to go to the Pick-a-Part place and see if we can track down a replacement.

I'm very happy that getting an oil change fixed a rattle and some performance issues. The Astro needs to run well for these long road trips.