June 24th, 2016


Once More Home

With more than 50 hours logged this week by 11 AM today, I felt no shame in heading out the door and toward home. Because my mechanic didn't have time to fix the fuel-transfer switch and lines, I only have the 15-gallon forward fuel tank available, which doesn't last long when you only get 9 miles to the gallon. So I refueled in Fremont, then at Lodi Junction, then at Colfax, and finally in Fernley when I got home. Along the way, I stopped and looked in on my sister, but she was sound asleep and I did not want to awaken her. Around that time, Day Jobbe caught up with me (they do pay for my smartphone partially so they can do that), and due to heavy traffic east of Roseville, I made a virtue of necessity and stopped at Loomis, found a Starbucks, and did some work for an hour or so before working my way around the road-construction-caused slowdowns (I took old US-40) and resuming my homeward journey.

I'm really happy to be home, as usual. But there's a quick turnaround, because we leave for Portland on Tuesday afternoon after work, and there is much to do between now and then.
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