July 6th, 2016

SMOF License

And We're Home

It's rarely a good idea to schedule the final leg of a long road trip to be the longest one, but thanks to us shortening yesterday's trip, that's exactly what happened to us today. We had 450 miles to go to get home. Now I know people for whom that is nothing, but we don't travel that well, and we don't drive above the speed limit that much.

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At Klamath Falls, we made the last stop of the Tax Free Tour of Oregon, buying all of the boxes of Breathe-Right strips they had at the Bi-Mart there. We considered stopping for lunch at the Sizzler across the parking lot from the Holiday Inn Express where we often stay, but Lisa was rightly concerned about how late we were running, so we instead grabbed some stuff from the nearby Fred Meyer grocery, and then pressed on.

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I considered trying to take another day off from work tomorrow and bailing at Alturas; however, I'm committed to covering for a co-worker who is himself taking Thursday off, so I couldn't do it. We even considered spending two nights at Alturas so I could work all day Thursday and part of Friday before going home, but that didn't seem like a great idea. Another plan was to stop at Alturas and fall into bed as early as we could (perhaps 6 PM), then get up again at 2 AM, leave the hotel, and hopefully get home in time for me to be at work for 6 AM Thursday. Fortunately, Lisa felt well enough to do most of the driving aside from a short spell I did from Canby to Alturas.

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At Hallelujah Junction, we made our final stop in California, that being the last chance to buy Mega Millions lottery tickets for the half-billion-dollar draw coming up. (The big multi-state lotteries are one of the few forms of gambling not available in Nevada.) A few minutes later, we were in Reno.

An earlier version of our travel plans had us stopping in Reno to pick up groceries before heading home; however, that was when we planned to start in K-Falls rather than Bend. Also, we'd bought so much along the way on top of all of our tech gear and personal luggage that there really wasn't much room for groceries, so we simply pressed home, stopping at the Pilot Travel Center for a container of milk before arriving home just before 10 PM. That's 450 miles in twelve hours, which isn't a very good average speed, but is not too bad when you consider the obstacles in our way. Our Westercon Road Trip is now over.

We can go this far in a day. We just do not want to do so.