August 12th, 2016

Business Meeting

Blast From The Past: 2015 WSFS Business Meeting Video

Wizard's Tower Press is sponsoring the software needed to convert the higher-quality WSFS Business Meeting videos to a usable (i.e. YouTube-compatible) format. The ability to get the lower-quality-but-much-easier-to-upload proxy files was underwritten by a grant from Detcon II, the 2014 NASFiC in Detroit, for which we give our continued thanks.

In order to get my head around how to make Adobe Premiere work, earlier this month I started working on converting the 2015 Business Meeting video for Saturday's meeting to one continuous file in the higher quality format. I got that done, but the file is huge, and my home internet upload speed is such that it would have taken all day and all night to upload the files. However, the hotel in which I'm staying tonight has very good wired internet connectivity with a sufficiently high speed that I could actually upload the file. Therefore: presented for your amusement is the 2015 WSFS Business Meeting Saturday (Site Selection) Business Meeting recorded in Spokane.

During MidAmeriCon II, the plan is for me to upload the lower-resolution "proxy" files as soon as they come off the camera. (These are maximum 20 minute segments, and upload relatively quickly). As time permits (and I have a second computer for this purpose), I will also take the camera's native MXF format files and convert them to higher-quality video and upload those files when I can.

Note that the audio on both files is the same. It's only the video quality that is different. If you are curious about the difference, have a look at the files in the following two YouTube playlists:

2015 WSFS Business Meeting (Lower Quality): These are the lower-quality "proxy" files uploaded as individual segments relatively quickly. Many of these files were online while the later parts of the same meeting were still happening.

2015 WSFS Business Meeting (Higher Quality): These are higher-quality video files generated from the camera's native MXF format files. pcornelius did the first two days during Sasquan, but we didn't get the other two days done while in Spokane, and uploading the resulting files is cumbersome due to their size.

When my time permits (probably sometime later this year), I plan to finally convert the 2015 Sunday meeting and upload it when I get access to sufficient bandwidth to do so.
SMOF License

2016 Worldcon Road Trip Day 2: Wendover NV to Rock Springs WY

Today's travel mostly repeated an equivalent day on our 2008 trip to Denver for Worldcon, although we didn't have the unwanted auto repair adventure in Wells. (We hope the difficulty with the blower motor earlier this week was sufficient sacrifice to the minivan.)

Last night, while unpacking at the Rainbow Hotel in Wendover, I realized that I'd left my electric razor back home in Fernley. This is particularly galling because I specifically remember getting the razor (a second one that I'd bought so I'd have one in the Rolling Stone all the time) packed and ready to go. Apparently, I set the bag aside and forgot to actually put it in my luggage. I made do with my backup blade razor, but this was not going to be a viable long-term solution because I have really sensitive skin. Still, there was nothing to be done about it immediately, so we got breakfast, packed the van, and set out east. Lisa continued to drive us, leaving me free to take photos from time to time.

There are many photos behind the cuts here. There are even more on my Flickr account; click through any photo to go see the others if you are interested.

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In Salt Lake City, we stopped at a Target store to look for an electric razor for me. I feared that I was going to have to buy a model that had more bells and whistles than I wanted just to get the features that I did want. Fortunately, we found a model that was almost perfect, other than not being the same as my current two razors (so the parts can't be shared between them). On the other hand, this one might become my new preferred model for road trips, because it doesn't require a drop-in charger; the charger just plugs directly into the base of the razor. In any event, Worldcon is spared my "fashionable stubble" look this year.

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Not far beyond Echo Canyon, I-80 enters Wyoming. I was amused that the Wyoming port of entry (truck inspection station) is so close to the border that the exit is numbered using the Utah sequence.

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We had been getting steadily farther behind schedule as the day wore on, but that's okay, as we had lots of time to spare. Passing through Green River, Lisa decided to go look at the railroad there, and that turned out to be a really good decision.

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We continued on to Rock Springs, where tonight we are staying in the Holiday Inn, where we stayed on August 3, 2008. Today's trip was under far more pleasant circumstances than eight years ago, although we still had to do a room shuffle to find a room with a bathtub (not just a shower stall) in it.

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We're very happy to have given ourselves time today to stop and sightsee. Tomorrow is similarly planned so that if we find stuff we want to look at, we don't have to skip it due to an iron timetable.