August 19th, 2016


Worldcon 2016 Day 3: Giving Us the Business Meeting

Today was the First Main WSFS Business Meeting. Whereas yesterday was about arguing over debate time limits and trying to kill unpopular proposals, today's meeting was substantive business.

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I thought today's meeting went much more smoothly than yesterday, although that is in part the nature of the Preliminary versus the Main Business Meeting.

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The first of Friday's WSFS Business Meeting videos was online about halfway through the meeting. The last posted perhaps 30 minutes or so after adjournment.

Later that afternoon I got e-mail from Jared Dashoff asking me to get the room locked up. I wrote back that I'd do so once I got back from lunch, which was off-site, and is another story.
Watch for Train Traffic

Barbeque and Trains

After the Business Meeting ended and while we were packing up, garyomaha arrived. As part of a long-ago bet between me and him over the World Series between the Giants and Royals, he and his husband Michael were taking Lisa and me to lunch, in this case at Jack Stack's BBQ. It was an excellent meal of "burnt ends" (a BBQ term with which I was unfamiliar), although my blood sugar shot up to about 230. Perhaps I should have walked back to the hotel.

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Lisa and I enjoyed our off site afternoon with Gary and Michael a great deal and we are grateful to them taking us to the restaurant and the train station (which I otherwise probably wouldn't have had a chance to see), but duty called me back to the Convention Center, where I was scheduled to work the "closing shift" at Site Selection from 5 to 6 PM, and then to help as part of the San José in 2018 bid's counting team. But that's yet another story.