August 31st, 2016

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2016 Worldcon Road Trip Epilogue: The Distance and Cost

Because we refueled the minivan the night before we left and the afternoon after we got home, we have the exact figures for how far we traveled and how much it cost.

Refueling stops: 12
Total distance: 3,719 miles
Total gasoline: 201.249 gallons
Total cost: $428.75

Average cost per gallon: $2.13
Average fuel mileage: 18.5 miles per gallon

The price of fuel for us ranged from a low of $1.929/gal (August 14, Cheyenne WY) to a high of $2.329/gal (August 27, Rock Springs UT).

And we have of course burned through an entire oil change and need to get that dealt with when we have the chance.

The air conditioning system worked fine, and Lisa's somewhat bodged-together-with-tape fix held the entire trip. We still need to have it properly repaired, though.

The doesn't-like-to-start-when-warm bug is still there, so we tended to refuel at the start of the day before we had driven very far, lest we get stuck at a fuel pump unable to restart until the van cooled down. (This did happen once; fortunately the station was not busy.) We liked the drives through the (relatively) cool I-80 corridor through Wyoming. Coming back was more difficult, and in warm weather the van starts to complain at certain points on its power curve.