October 13th, 2016


A Political Post

I have been avoiding posting on politics of late, being content to chronicle the progress of the carport-widening project. However, with the concrete work done, I'm prepared to announce that I'm taking a public stand on something I consider important.

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At least I hope that this endorsement won't get my home vandalized, although looking at some of the signs and stickers other people here display, I sometimes wonder.
Kevin and Lisa

Happy 20th Anniversary

Twenty years ago today, Lisa and I stood at the head of the passenger compartment of Portland Vintage Trolley #513 as it was underway on the Portland (Oregon) light rail system and took our wedding vows, after which we continued on the trolley as it did a complete trip of the line as it stood at that time. After the ceremony and a reception in the park across from what is now the Doubletree Lloyd Center, we flew to Anaheim for a honeymoon at Disneyland. Ten years later, we returned to Disneyland. When we were making plans for the twentieth anniversary, various sorts of travels came to mind, but we eventually set them all aside, partially because we knew we were going to need a week of home improvement projects, which amount to an anniversary present to each other. So instead of an elaborate trip, we simply went to Reno/Sparks for a nice dinner and some diversion.

This was an Occasion, and therefore I wore a suit and Lisa put on the nice outfit I bought her a few years ago. We also were both wearing our Vintage Trolley pins.

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After a satisfying dinner, we went over to the Atlantis and the Manhattan Deli. Although we generally shifted our "affiliation" from the Atlantis to the Peppermill (and have accordingly fallen down to the bottom level of the Atlantis affinity program), we still sometimes come to the Deli, and in particular we came to have their cheesecake, which is some of the best New York-style cheesecake we've ever eaten. I took an extra dose of Metformin and we slowly worked our way through our giant slices of cheesecake.

When it came time to settle up, our server came over and told us that our bill had already been paid, by one of the other customers. We were flabbergasted. We still aren't sure what we did to deserve this random act of kindness. I left a pretty generous tip, though.

We made a brief visit down the street to the Peppermill, where we saw the end of the National League Division Series (Go Cubs! Beat LA!) and played a small amount of slots. We did not lose any money, which can be considered a good night. Lisa drove us home to Fernley.

This was a pretty quiet celebration compared so some things we have done, but it made us happy.
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