October 16th, 2016

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Training My Way Back to the Bay (Again)

This morning's Amtrak #5 was on time out of Winnemucca, so in a little while Lisa will be taking me to Reno to put me on the train back to the Bay Area for another week. My mechanic called on Sunday to say that while he's finally been able to reproduce and isolate what he thinks the problem is (the fuel transfer switch), he'll have to order the parts, and thus I'm going to need to leave the RV with him yet again. Fortunately, thank y'all here on LJ, I learned that I do have a transit based alternative to get back to the eastbound California Zephyr from Fremont on next Saturday morning, so Lisa does not have to drive overnight once again.

Given the weather this weekend, I'm really much happier riding the train than trying to push an RV, even a small one, over windblown mountain passes. In fact, the weather forecast suggests there might be some snow at the higher elevation. Not fun to drive. I'll sit back and let the train take the strain.