November 1st, 2016

Rolling Stone

On the Bright Side, It's Free Parking

My mechanic has had a devil of a time tracking down the fuel-transfer valve for my RV. As I'm about to leave for Europe for a week, I'll drive the RV over to his shop in Fremont, leave it with him, walk to Centerville (about 1 km), take Amtrak to Oakland Coliseum, then BART around to SFO. It's a bit roundabout considering that I'm starting in Sunnyvale, but even with the Amtrak and BART fares its still cheaper than airport parking, and the management here at the customer's facility has gotten snippy about people parking overnight in their parking lot, so I feel a bit more comfortable doing this than spending the trip to Eurocon in Barcelona fretting over whether the Rolling Stone will be still there when I get back!

Because people keep asking: The flight from SFO to LHR is 10.5 hours. Fingers crossed that the two seats next to me (I'm in the middle group of three near the back of the 777) do not fill and I have a bit of space to spread out.

Posting here for the next week will be dependent upon internet connectivity. Of course none of my US-based devices will work, but I'll probably find connections now and then, particularly through London, since the Holiday Inn where I'm staying includes wi-fi.
Confusion Ahead

Computer Whoops

Getting to my mechanic in Fremont, taking the train to BART to SFO, no problem. Getting through Terrorization was no worse than usual. Even repacking my luggage wasn't a problem; I had 2.5 kg spare space. Except when I got to SFO and was putting my computer away after Terrorization, I realized that it was the wrong computer. That is, it's not my "primary" computer, but an alternative one I have to carry with me to access a couple of applications that are locked to that computer. It's not a catastrophe, but since I have the power supply for the primary machine and the computer I'm carrying uses a different supply, I don't expect to be online much for the next week, save a tiny bit through my phone.

Now I'm sort of wishing I had driven the RV to SFO. If I had, I could have gone back and got the right computer.