November 7th, 2016

Conrunner Kevin

Seeing that Must-see Landmark

There are certain things that one must see when you go some places. In Paris, the Eiffel Tower is one. In Barcelona, it's the Sagrada Familia, the amazing basilica designed by Gaudi that even I had heard of. Today, I took time to go see it, and I'm happy I did so.

I managed to navigate the Metro the relatively short distance to the basilica. (Walking was possible, but I couldn't spare the time.) It looks like the Metro station is right under the building. Exiting the station,  I turned to face the building.


There are few places that have literally been jaw-dropping, but this was one of those. I took many photos, and will post them when I get back to my computer, but none of them will do justice to this mind-blowing building. You really need to see it to believe it. I probably could have stayed for hours just staring at it from different angles, but I did need to get back to the last day of Eurocon.

I did like the Metro, which was easy to use even for a foreign first-time user. Now that I see how it works, I don't worry about using it to get to the train station for the train to Paris tomorrow morning.

And so Eurocon 2016 comes to an end. I enjoyed it. Whether I'll get to others remains to be seen, although there's a bid to hold the 2019 con in Belfast the week after Dublin's Worldcon, should they win their bid, with a train trip between the two conventions. We'll see how it goes.

Tomorrow I get to see the places I missed in the dark on the way south.

I enjoyed Barcelona. I hope I get a chance to come back someday.

Conrunner Kevin

Eurocon's Rolling Dead Dog Party

I was one of the first people to breakfast today, because of the early-ish train. I felt confident enough to use the Metro to get to the station, but that did involve a lot of carrying a 20kg load up and down stairs. But I got there and on the train, as did a lot of other fans. When I went back to the cafe car, I found what amounted to a rolling dead dog party going on.

The views from the train were lovely and I hope to post them later, but I did end up falling asleep for much of the last two hours into Paris.

I did not have dinner at this landmark restaurant at Gare Lyon, partly because it's expensive and partly because I worried about getting to Gare du Nord for my Eurostar connection to London. Despite misadventures at getting onto the RER and having to do more stair lugging, I made it to my train with an hour to spare, and food service post security isn't much. But I managed.

I'm now settled in to my favorite London hotel, albeit that I can only afford it on IHG points, the Holiday Inn Camden Town. The view from the balcony is much better than the one below, which was the room in Barcelona: