December 19th, 2016

Fernley House

CSI: Fernley

According to the news, today was the busiest mailing day of the year; not my favorite time to have to go to the post office. But we did, because there were package-too-large-for-box messages waiting for us. I also had to mail my nephew's Christmas card (his card having fallen out of the batch we mailed last week; fortunately it should still arrive in time). Because we didn't have a cash transaction, we were able to queue-jump to "pick up only," and collect two rather large boxes. One was a collection of railroad videos we ordered earlier this month. The other was the Mystery Box.

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Some twenty-plus years ago, I acquired a small hand-held vacuum cleaner, useful for cleaning around the office, or within the small confines of the travel trailer. Over the years, we acquired a lot of spare bags and filters for it. For most folks, a great disadvantage of this unit is that it is very noisy. For Lisa, though, this was a feature, not a bug, as it gives her a way to generate noise when she can't wear her tinnitus-blocking earpiece, such as when taking a bath or washing her hair. A couple of weeks ago, the motor quit. Finding a replacement would be difficult, but we found something on eBay that was close.

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Lisa is happy with the acquisition.
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