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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Sunday, December 25th, 2016

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A Kuma Bear Christmas
As Lisa didn't plan on making dinner until relatively late today, I went down to the Wigwam for breakfast (yes, they were open), and thanks to a bit of luck and a "$15 bonus for any win of $15 or more" coupon, managed to win $22 net (after burning off the $15 free play after the original win), paying for breakfast and part of yesterday's as well.

A little while after I walked home, Lisa came in with travelswithkuma, who she said was very impatient with us.

Opens Thems Ups, Alreadys!Collapse )

After we opened Kuma's first present (a metal "Pure Local Honey" sign), Bear gave Lisa a present.

Lisa Reacts to Bear's PresentCollapse )

After Lisa recovered from her present, we opened the rest of them.

The Final TalleyCollapse )

No duck on offer this Christmas, as the local store ran out before we went to buy one, but we got a nice ham from Whole Foods Market that is now baking in the oven, as we prepare for our little holiday feast. Lisa says this is one of the nicest Christmases she can remember.

Current Mood: happy

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