December 26th, 2016

To Trains (T&P)

Carson City Day

While the plan for this four-day weekend was to take it relatively easy, today's weather was so nice (albeit quite cold at -10°C) that we decided it would be a same to just sit around all day. So after breakfast we drove down to the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Carson City, where we are members.

Or at least we thought we were. Neither us could find our current membership cards. Either we both lost our cards or we simply forgot to renew our memberships. Well, no matter, we could renew at the museum itself, and if it turns out we renewed and forgot, they'll just extend our membership another year. No trains are operating at this time of the year (earlier this month they were running "Santa Specials" which probably were quite picturesque with steam trains in the cold weather), and we only were there for maybe 90 minutes, but it was still nice. And there was a ride of a sort: the hand car was out, and Lisa and I were allowed (under supervision) to pump it back and forth on a short stretch of track.

I did have to keep trying to tell the docent that Lisa is the mechanically apt one, and she eventually convinced him of this as she easily identified many of the large pieces of industrial equipment inside the museum shops, including things I wouldn't have been able to identify.

After thawing out inside the main museum from our sojourn in the literally freezing cold back shop, we drove up to Reno, had dinner at the Peppermill (winning $11 playing keno in the process) and went home. Now I need to wind down and prepare to go back to work tomorrow morning.