December 28th, 2016

Conrunner Kevin

Quaking in my Bed

[LiveJournal continues to act up. I can't change the default user icon. I can't see user comments if I'm logged in. I do still get e-mail notifications of comments posted to my journal. These problems are on multiple browsers, I've reported them. Whether LJ decides to fix them, I don't know. I don't want to leave LJ inasmuch as I have a life membership and I do actually much prefer it to Facebook and the like, but I do hope they get this problem fixed soon.]

Lisa is currently on a very night-owl schedule. Some hours after I'd gone to bed, she came and woke me up and told me that we'd just had an earthquake. She'd felt it strongly. I didn't, but I might have felt one of the other ones that happened after I'd gone back to sleep, because I woke up again later for no obvious reason. These earthquakes happened in Hawthorne, Nevada, about 100 miles south of Fernley, and were in the 5.5-5.7 range.

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This swarm of quakes is similar to those that hit the Bishop, California area over the Memorial Day Weekend in 1980 when I lived there and was in in high school.