June 9th, 2017


Long Delayed Laundry

About three weeks ago, the timer on the washing machine broke. We were able to order a new one, but unfortunately, in the process of removing the old timer, we broke the knob on the front of the washer. So we also had to order a new knob, which cost more in shipping than for the part. Then when it came, it turned out that there was another part (the dial that goes behind the knob, also broken) that you had to order separately. So we ended up ordering parts serially, and the last one (the dial) showed up yesterday.

When the timer arrived, Lisa got it installed, but it was quite difficult to use the washer, as you had to turn the spindle where the knob/dial normally sits with pliers and guess which cycle you were using because the broken dial was what pointed at the markings on the top of the washer. Consequently, we were not doing laundry as much as we would like and were sort of stretching things out.

With all of the parts back in place, there was much laundry to do. I did four loads myself today interspersed between meetings and other Day Jobbery. We're mostly caught up now.