June 17th, 2017


Productive Meeting

We had a good, productive day of Worldcon 2018 planning meetings here at the San Jose Marriott and the SJ Convention Center. Lisa and I decided that paying more for the hotel buffet than we would pay for the Peppermill's massive weekend brunch was excessive, so we walked down to Peggy Sue's and had a fair breakfast for less than the cost of one of the Marriott breakfasts, then joined the herd of cats assembled Worldcon 76 committee for the tour of the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. Things are not the same as they were in 2002, and in particular the former library site was razed and rebuilt as a large ballroom.

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After the convention center walk-through, we broke for lunch. I'm pleased to see just how many more options there are for downtown dining than there were fifteen years ago. After lunch, we reconvened for planning meetings of various sorts, such as making sure that every area we have on the convention organization list is assigned to a division. When we got to WSFS Business Meeting, I said, "It's WSFS's area" and explained when people started to opine that it belonged somewhere else, that:

WSFS Business Meeting is managed by WSFS, is a tenant of Programming, acts like an Event, and uses Tech Service.

Yes, we're very cross-functional here.

During one of the meetings in which I wasn't involved, I had a review of my division's timeline items with Bobbi Armbruster, our Mistress of Timelines.

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With the main meetings out of the way, it was time for dinner. In our case, we had an unhurried dinner at the Indian restaurant out the back door of the Fairmont Hotel before wandering back to the "con suite" at the Marriott. (We were conveniently able to get a hotel room two doors down from the hospitality suite.) We had a pleasant evening socializing with the other folks here. Bruce Farr pulled me aside to review the current state of the WSFS Division budget (no surprises at this time; just marking things as "this is already committed" like the Hugo rocket order and "we'd like to have this but know we can't commit until much later" like tea/coffee service for the Business Meeting.

Earlier than we would have liked we said goodnight and walked the short distance back to our room. Because of the long drive we have home tomorrow, we won't be staying long, although I do have a meeting at 9:30.

My computer still will only boot in Safe Mode, which is not good at all, but at least means there's some hope that we can salvage things. I won't attempt any fixes until we get home where the backups are located.