October 8th, 2017


Home Maintenance

Today our plumber, Steve, who moonlights as a chimney sweep, came by and did our annual chimney sweeping. He tells me that we're his last regular client in Fernley. (He lives in Yerrington, 50 miles south of here.) All of the others have died, moved away, etc., and the houses remain vacant or else the new tenants aren't using their fireplaces or don't know that you should have them cleaned annually or are using someone else.) The $100 he charges is cheap insurance against a chimney fire.

Later in the day, the wind came up too high for us to do the rooftop work that Lisa has been doing, so instead we got out the "pole-axe" (cutting blade and clippers on a long pole) and trimmed back branches, particularly those that seemed to be heading toward the chimney. After going to the trouble of avoiding a fire in the chimney, we certainly don't want one outside of it in errant tree branches either.
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